Swollen lymph nodes (neck), back pain, easy bruising, strep throat + dry chicken pox like skin (pict

Lily Asked: Swollen lymph nodes (neck), back pain, easy bruising, strep throat + dry chicken pox like skin (pict

I've spent almost $250 on doctor's appointments and I'm a 19-year-old student and can't afford this anymore. I'm literally never sick but the doctors make me feel like a Munchhausen's patient. These past few months I've been getting gigantic bruises all over without having bumped into anything. I mean huge black nasty bruises the size of two to four quarters. This started getting really bad in March. I tried to donate blood and found out I was low on iron. Then on June 4th, my lower back started hurting. It got gradually worse to the point where my back was at a 90 degree angle (not exaggerating) and I was crying from the pain. I couldn't move. Went to the doctor and he said I had something called lumbago and gave me two really strong pain meds, went on them for ten days, it still hurt after that so I got prescribed more. Right after I got the back pain my throat started hurting. It got so unbearable that by the 8th I went to the doctor again. Tested positive for strep throat, got antibiotics. By that point my skin was really, really dry, so much so that the doctor commented on it. Putting on layers of lotions didn't/doesn't help at, just makes it redder. Either right before or right after I went to the doctor I got a red psoriasis like patch on my neck and one on my arm.

They spread really quickly, only the bumps were smaller. They were on my lower arms, stomach, groin, neck and face. It looks like I have really bad acne from afar and my skin is very red. They later spread to my back and legs although there aren't nearly as many of them. They don't itch at all but they are very dry and sometimes they hurt when something brushes up against them. On my left arm they started showing up in lines which have meshed together. The doctor thought I was allergic to penicillin so he took me off my antibiotics and put me on antihistamines. That was on June 14th. Around June 18th my throat felt worse and I went to the doctor and he put me on non-penicillin antibiotics and told me to keep taking the antibiotics. I tested negative for strep throat.

The bumps haven't gotten smaller or lessened at all. They have spread. Yesterday, the 25th, I felt this bump on my neck. It's grown in size and more of them have appeared. Swollen lymph nodes. You can see them visibly but they're bigger when you feel them. It doesn't hurt at all, and neither does my throat. I've been really tired, I always have a headache, and my lower back has been hurting more and more. I got my blood drawn today and I'm already bruising a little bit, you can see the red part in the picture but the bruise will show up by tomorrow. Has anybody had similar symptoms or know what this sounds like? I mainly am worried about the rash. The doctor said it'd be completely gone by now, I haven't been taking those penicillin antibiotics for almost two weeks and he says that I'm not allergic to the other ones so it isn't a reaction to that.

Here are some pictures in case they help:


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