Weird rash below my bottom lip…?

Nicole Asked: Weird rash below my bottom lip…?

I have had this come/go for about a year.I am usually symptom free, but it will "flare" up about once a month or month and a half.
Below my bottom lip is red and dry.If I don't absolutely LATHER it in petroleum jelly it will crack and peel.If I keep the petroleum jelly on it, then it will only be a bit red.If I stretch my lip over my bottom teeth, the skin in the affected area looks different…almost like it is scorched.The thing I find odd is that it constantly burns.The only relief from this burning is putting about an inch of petroleum jelly on it (I am exaggerating about an inch).
I have psoriasis, which is controlled and only on my scalp, so I don't really think that matters (they obviously don't look the same at all).
PS I have obviously thought this was a chapped lip for a LONG time.The thing is, I don't lick my lips at all…and I am constantly applying dermatologist-approved lipstick…so "drying out" doesn't seem so likely.Considering my diagnosis of psoriasis, I moisturize my skin much better than the average girl.3 different lotions in the am, 3 in the pm all dermatologist approved and fragrance free.Besides, I haven't changed skin routines/cosmetics in at least a couple years…so I feel like that doesn't fit the timeline of my symptoms.My dermatologist is always so booked that by the time I get in to see him, the symptoms are gone.My primary care physician has no idea what-so-ever.


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